fight the hurricane

today we face the monsters that are at our door



Raleigh you little shit (◕‿◕✿)



Steve desperately trying to high five Bucky in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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”I’m sorry. In the taxi, in Warsaw.. I came at you pretty hot. When Kaja was down, you talked her through the worst of it. We could’ve lost her.”


Look at what the fuck we got in the mail this morning. Less than a month away until the dopest cookbook ever drops.

Preorder your copy now or get left behind this fall.  

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if i was rich and famous i would do so much online shopping you have no idea 

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do you ever go through your own blog and just smile because even though as a blog it is objectively terrible it’s, like, the only space in the world that is 100% tailored to you and your interests

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reblog this post if you need a hug

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idk why ppl act like funny women are a rare precious commodity when every woman i know is a got damn comedian and i’ve met maybe two intentionally funny men in my lifetime 

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blanket apology to all the female celebrities i hated as a teenager because i was up to my eyeballs in internalized misogyny

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There is no lack of women who want to be directors. There is an industry that carries on an obsolete white hypermasculine mindset that discourages them from pursuing positions of power, erases the presence of the women who do, and diminishes their opportunities..And in the end, contributions by women will not be remembered..instead the white men who steal and popularize their innovations will be remembered and idolized by a new generation of film school fuckboys


Bertolt Brecht, Morning Address to a Tree Named Green