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tetsuyayuki asked: rob kazinsky or chuck hansen


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who the hell is bucky?

i hate sebastian stan and he must be stopped
a 13 track mix for the primary cause of my downfall

i. peacock - katy perry // ii. hot mess - cobra starship // iii. rude boy - rihanna // iv. womanizer - britney spears // v. love game - lady gaga // vi. i’m too sexy - right said fred // vii. e.t - katy perry // viii. call me maybe - carly rae jepsen // ix. girlfriend - avril lavigne // x. s&m - rihanna // xi. i knew you were trouble [dubstep] - taylor swift // xii. naughty girl - beyonce // xiii. no diggity - blackstreet ft. dr dre & queen pen

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"They counted on the humans to hide, to give up, to fail. They never considered our ability to stand, to endure. That we’d rise to the challenge"

He is fast, strong… has a metal-arm…

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Herc Hansen: Raleigh, this is my son Chuck. He’s my copilot now.

Chuck Hansen: He’s more my copilot, right Dad.

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bucky barnes more like fuck me barnes

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James Bucky Barnes 

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